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HD Online Player (memories 2013 Malayalam Movie Downlo)




He gets entangled in the link between the murders and a chain of numbers. On each murder he gets a number. Each number leads to a dream sequence showing the dream. The dreams of the murderer. These murders are not the random killings; all the victims were once in love with the same woman. Angely Rizvan, a young woman married to a rich and beautiful man, Chokkalingam, is found dead with her face disfigured. At the same time, Karthik, a call center agent, is chased by a man who is after his mobile. The man tries to snatch his mobile but accidentally pushes a man down the stairs and accidentally kills him. After investigation he starts to get clues that the murderer is the man that attacked him. Angely was once a senior officer who was friends with Karthik. It is revealed that Karthik has fallen in love with her and they share their first dream together. Then he starts to suspect that Karthik is the murderer who has just killed Ang. As the story moves forward the murderer is revealed to be Chokkalingam who was falsely accused of killing his wife. It is later revealed that Karthik and Chokkalingam used to be lovers and the only reason that they fell out is because Karthik fell in love with Angely and she had asked him to leave Chokkalingam. As the story goes forward, Chokkalingam admits to murdering his wife after he was fired from his job. The reason for murdering his wife is because she got engaged to Karthik after they shared their first dream together. As the story progresses, Chokkalingam confesses to be the murderer and his motive for murdering his wife is to make her look like a murderer so that Karthik would leave her and never fall in love with her again. When the story is finally revealed, Chokkalingam uses a car bomb to kill himself. It is revealed that Chokkalingam knew that Karthik would discover that he was the murderer and wanted him to leave Angely so that he would never fall in love with her again. He explains that on his deathbed, he was angry at her for getting engaged to Karthik and he wanted her to pay for it with her life. Angely is revealed to be a woman who has a split personality and it is later revealed that it was Angely who had been



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HD Online Player (memories 2013 Malayalam Movie Downlo)

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